Out&About NYC

Out&About NYC is an app that matches your real time location with the local positivity rate, and turns that into a tangible visual that makes you get it, right on your home screen. Simple, no fluff, and weighs less than a megabyte.

The problem

Many government and health organizations collect data that is not often visualized in ways that catch the users attention or is user friendly. Often the data is taken out of statistics and tables or organizations expect people to go in to their websites and search for example location based info. This process is too time consuming and many people won’t simply know how to find information.

The solution

Out&About NYC offers realtime data that is location based and easily accessible. You can easily check daily status on your phone via widget, or explore more detailed information from the app. Out&About NYC also works in your apple watch, which is even more faster than finding data from your phone.


  • Testflight link coming soon